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Spanish Gold Fly  Drops - 5ml Female Libido Boost

Spanish Gold Fly Drops - 5ml Female Libido Boost

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Looking For Women's Pleasure using Natural Enhancement? Have you found that your love life is lacking that special something? Do you miss that intense passion that you used to have? 

Spanish Gold Fly is 100% Safe, Natural and Herbal.Spanish Gold Fly contains natural ingredients that help to boost a women's sexual desire and Enhancement along with Increased sex drive. Women will wake up to a Volcanic eruption of ultimate passion and a feeling of intense sexual desire and lust.

Spanish Gold Fly is a Strong, Sexual and Powerful Aphrodisiac which is conductive to sexual activity.  It has good effective action on both Women and Men, but is more designed for Female Sex Enhancement.

Spanish Fly Drops excites, tingles and tantalizes your body in a way that will drive you and your partner crazy. It will bring about sweet perfection between the bed sheets and bring your love life to a sexual level you never thought was achievable!

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The observed effects for Women after taking 5ml are:
  • Feel More Relaxed
  • Face appears flushed and with slight redness 
  • Feeling Hot
  • Sweating in Women with signs of Sexual Arousal
  • Your Breathing gets Deeper
  • Your Body has Stronger feelings of Sexual Desire
  • Men will have possible Stronger Erections.

During sexual intercourse, there is an increase of:
  • Vaginal lubrication
  • Narrowed Vaginal Muscles 
  • Increased Clitoral Sensitivity
  • Orgasm becomes Stronger and Better with possible Multi Orgasms

  • Take orally 5ml,  20 - 30 minutes before sexual activity. 
  • Can be mixed with any drink such as Wine, Coffee, Tea,  Alcohol etc.
  • For best effects use in low-alcoholic drinks or soft drink (not soda drinks)